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Bien être / Skin care / Esthétique

Agence 07 invites you to discover their team of masseurs, masseuses and estheticians to meet the requests of your most demanding clients.

We have selected for you masseurs and masseuses who can offe r a very wide range of different massage techniques, all tested according to the standards of excellence set by LQA (Leading Quality Assurance) and Forbes.

Agence 07

Californian massage (sensory massage)

Relaxation and awakening of mind body awareness. Long, slow, fluid movements for deep physical and mental relaxation.

Swedish massage (massage for sportspeople)

Deep toning massage for relaxation of aching muscles.

Deep Tissue massage

Muscle massage similar to Swedish massage, but with much more intense hand pressure.

Shiatsu (finger pressure)

Rebalancing blood pressure by applying pressure to specific parts of the body.


An ancestral Japanese facial massage, Kobido pleases thanks to its incredible lifting effect. It is a traditional art in the land of the rising sun, not only does it tone the skin muscles, it also stimulates overall energy circulation.

Foot reflexology

Pressure points on the foot to act on specific organs of the body.


Practised on a Futon, it tones muscles through a series of pressure, kneading and stretching movements.

Ayurvedic (Indian)

Stimulation of the 7 chakras with hot oil to distribute energy throughout the body.

Lomilomi (Hawaiian massage)

An ancient type of massage used by Polynesian Dejhawaï shamans. It is based on fusion al contact with the powers and energies of nature, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

Amma (massage on a chair)

Quick and relaxing massage, it can be done fully clothed. It is often requested to relax models during photo shoots, and can also be offered as a corporate activity.

Balinese massage

Based on the 3 elements (air, water and fire), this massage is performed with a lot of oil, and has a deep effect on the nervous system.

Aesthetic treatments

Facial treatments including massages (rejuvenating, anti-aging, destressing, jet lag), body treatments, body scrubs.

Hair removal

Face and body.